Attention: Experts, Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Entrepreneurs Discover how being a Radio Talk Show Hosts Brings You Money and Reaches Millions using Radio, Podcasts, Teleseminars and other Audio Marketing...

How To Create Your Own Money-Making
Radio Show, That Makes You the Expert,
Sells Lots of Your Products, Gets You
MEGA Publicity...

All You Need is Your Voice and This Highly Effective PROVEN Strategy...

Now It's Easier -- Far More Profitable -- And Lots of Fun Too...

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to sky-rocket your success...?
There's an easier way...
Are you ready to earn a greater income doing exactly what you love to do...?
You've found a better and quicker way...
Do you have an important and meaningful message to tell the world...?
You've found a fun and more rewarding way ...

    You've got a ton of knowledge and great services and NOW is the time to create your own radio show that sets you up as the leading expert in your field, builds your platform quickly, and creates a profit even while you begin marketing yourself...

Internet Radio, Podcasts, and Teleseminars
Have Become "The Way..."

    Because the Master Trainer of this new program, Martin Wales, has been there and knows exactly how you feel...

...He had no national presence or selling power
...He struggled and felt like he was in the minor leagues

    ...He knew his business and income was less than it should be
BOTTOM LINE. . . Martin discovered that if people DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, you never get your message out, and you remain UNKNOWN and POOR.

Without some sort of regular media platform:
  • You have to work a LOT harder than other people do

  • You don't get your message out and you remain unrecognized

  • You sell too few books and have too many expenses

  • You have fewer engagements than others with equal (or less) talent

  • You lose big clients and opportunities and it makes you feel awful

  • You sacrifice and scrape for what you've got and feel un-secure about the future

  • You work at a job you don't like and it keeps you feeling unfulfilled

  • You know deep in your heart that you're settling for less than you deserve

  • And worst of all, you don't make enough money because you remain unknown.

Is that what you want?... Of course not... YOU CAN STOP THE FRUSTRATION...

There's Good News! -- You'll experience THE OPPOSITE when you have a media platform to broadcast your message and you can be ON THE AIR almost immediately.

    Finally, there is a 'PERFECT WAY' to share your Message and Mission...

Your Radio Show Takes You Places...
    When people know and appreciate you, the world almost magically changes. They suddenly want the valuable information you have to share. They know you can help them solve their problems and they want to buy from you.

Knowing the strategy and tactics to start, build and profit from your own efforts as a Radio Talk Show Host helps you create a dynamic media platform that makes you FAMOUS and creates HUGE benefits...

Internet Radio  

"Internet Radio OPENS DOORS -
Even to The White House ..." 

Shauna Fleming, 15, of Orange, California, meets Pres. Bush 
in the Oval Office

   "Doing an Internet radio show gives me the opportunity to tell people around the world that Americans do appreciate what our military men and women do for our country, and not to believe everything they read," Shauna said. "It also lets me inform everyone what I hear from our soldiers who are out there, and how we can help them and their families."

Shauna Fleming of Orange, Calif.,


Your Radio Show Creates a Win-Win-Win
    If you believe in what you do, you want to create wins for you, wins for your Guests, and wins for all of the people you serve and care about...

     Just like Shauna above, you know what you're doing helps a lot of people. In fact, if you could only get some publicity, you know people would want to hear more from you about what you do.

    And, if you run or own a business, you want more clients, customers and bigger and better opportunities. You're probably already painfully aware of how important it is to be connected and networked in with your customers and to attract new business and revenue streams.

Regardless of your role, status or current level of success, your critical steps include
  1. Get enough attention to be heard, and
  2. Build your reputation as the leading expert in your industry or niche.
Without enough exposure, media attention and other forms of public recognition, you remain an unknown and lack that essential and critical credibility, especially if you're the new kid on the block...

Your Radio Show Makes You FAMOUS
(the Easiest and BEST Way)...
    If you've been struggling to get your name out there and you're fed up and frustrated about wasting your precious time and spending your hard earned cash on marketing and advertising that isn’t getting the results you want...

    As stated earlier -- the GOOD NEWS – Martin knows exactly what you're facing because he used to be invisible to the world too -- and now it’s all changed because he has since hosted several successful Radio Shows and it's changed everything.

It transformed Martin’s life and it can change yours too.

    He's discovered a way to quickly become famous, so that thousands of people know and recognize your name, and even better than that, he’s mastered methods to convert your fame into fortune!

Your Radio Show Attracts More Clients
(and More Money)...
     Ask yourself this question...

If you could easily reach hundreds or thousands more people, on a regular basis, with your important message, no matter where you are, doing what you love... how would that change your business and your life?"

    Well, it's easier than you might think.

Martin's created a fantastic, new intensive course called, the The Radio Show Mentoring Program. Hundreds have used this proven way to reverse being unknown and invisible. Anyone can do it, even if you don’t have a big budget and even with no experience. There are no years of "apprenticeship" or sitting through night classes.

    There IS a way for you to get known and get paid for what you know... and more quickly than you ever thought possible!

Rick Frishman  


"It's Like a 'Skyrocket to Stardom' For Any Author Smart Enough to Create a Show" 

   I've been in the publicity business for 30 years, and I've been able to pick out what's going to work and what's going to bomb. 
   I can tell you what Randy and Martin have put into this program is the truth, because Internet Radio is one of the best promotional tools for creating your own publicity. In fact, I just started my own radio show and it has already been picked up by Armed Forces Radio. I believe it's going to be like a skyrocket to stardom for any author who is smart enough to create a show. 

   My recommendation is get in now, because the longer you wait the more publicity opportunities you're going to lose. It's fast, it's good, and it's cheap. 

Rick Frishman, President of Planned TV Arts

Author of "Guerrilla Marketing for Writers," "Guerrilla Publicity," "Networking Magic," and the "Author 101" Series

"Author 101" Serie

Your Radio Show is a Catalyst for Success ...
You've already done the hard work of becoming an expert -- you need something that pulls it all together...
You've already run 99% of the race --
..... now you just need to cross the finish line.
The money is yours to claim...the check with your name on it --
...... now you just need to reach out and take it by becoming a Radio Talk Show Host...

Why Are People With Less Talent
Making More Money...?
... Why ...? ...

        It's because they're connected, they're better known, and they're visible to more of the people they want to serve.


       Now, you can have the map...JUST LIKE A RECIPE...simple directions: do this, do that...

       Now, you just need to learn and follow the system and the fame and fortune are yours...

In fact, the small investment of your time to read this entire document and each testimonial is the best one you’ll ever make and it pays off – BIG TIME!

Get "Behind the Mic" And (Discover
How To Collect Cash Too...)
       It's true... Martin shows you every step and every strategy and tactic to get your message to the world. Start to ride a wave of public recognition from having your very own Radio Show or Podcast. You can be a Radio Talk Show Host and up and running in the 56 days or less it takes to complete this supportive and instructive training program. Take full advantage of it, starting today.

       Martin's not spouting theory – he’s done it himself – again and again.

And, he shares all the benefits of the publicity and credibility you can earn with this media and marketing strategy. And, more importantly he gives you all the knowledge and skills you need to make money too!

There's no holding back. You get EVERYTHING you need to get started right away.

What's The Fastest Way To Succeed?... Model What Works From Real People Who've 'Been-There'
and Succeeded
        Based on real world experience, Martin compiled and engineered a superb system for you. In each class he reveals the secrets to this highly effectively and extremely affordable strategy for creating your own Radio Show or Podcast. As a Radio Talk Show Host, it turns you into an expert who generates PUBLICITY, PR and PROFITS... and you're in total control!

        If you're like most, you want fame, fortune, and success on your own terms and being a Radio Talk Show Host is the way to make it happen.

        There is always a good way and a better way. And, Martin presents what he believes, and that he knows, is the BEST WAY for you to position yourself for prosperity and profit.

Now, let this Radio Talk Show Host expert show you how to create your own money-making media machine...


   Hi, my name is Randy Gilbert and when I retired from the Coast Guard I changed careers and became "Dr. Proactive" so I could help bring more 'authentic abundance' into the world.

   Even when I had a best selling book, and was speaking and coaching, it wasn't enough ... I felt unknown and still a nobody.

   Then I started my own radio show on August 28, 2002. Almost immediately the frustration began to melt away... soon I was reaping the rewards from having my own personally branded, Internet Radio Show called, The Inside Success Show.

   I didn't even have to be 'on air' for very long, because within months my guest list was including well known people like Robert Allen, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and so many more. .

   I'm the same Randy Gilbert ... I'm not taller -- I'm not smarter -- And I certainly didn't get any better looking -- The big difference is that I became the Host of my own Internet Radio show..

   Not surprisingly, when I walk into a room it seems that half the room knows me. And what's even better, a large percentage of those people have bought my books, products, and services.

   When I began my show it was primarily to give myself permission to read more books and to build up my network. And then secondarily to create an additional income. However, by deciding to do my show on the Internet, no less than 5 new income streams opened up to me.

   Number one is called a Membership site... and people pay to join...

   Number one is called a Membership site... and people pay to join...

(within 6 months of starting, you can see the right-hand column, Randy was averaging almost $2K per month... )

You Want To Make More Money?... Keep Reading...
     Martin's figured out the key secrets to having Multiple Streams of Income from a single, broadcast as a Radio Talk Show Host. The real life, case study above is from creating a Membership site.

Another obvious income stream is from advertising, and you are going to learn how to build your own show audience so it's big enough so that advertisers want to pay you ... a lot...

There's a number of alternative income strategies that put money in your pocket that are detailed in The Radio Show Mentoring Program training sessions.

Want to collect cash while you simultaneously build your own reputation and credibility?

      There are thousands of writers and speakers who have been in the "Infopreneuring" business for over 20 years and they're still struggling.

It's now a fact that you don't have to wait to become famous, you can become a Radio Talk Show Host (even on a shoe-string budget) and proactively put yourself in control of becoming a celebrity and then turning your recognition into a CASH-Generating machine.

To help you, Martin is totally revealing the actual Blue Print – the paint-by-number system – and complete strategy that he uses to multiply his prosperity and improve his lifestyle. Claim your own, through this wealth of information right now...
From Struggle to Success...
Martin Wales
It wasn't always so much fun. Martin started out as a young, unknown, high school science teacher, who for years after leaving teaching, struggled as a salesman, then as an independent consultant and speaker. There was lots of stress and little money. Sometimes…no money. (He knew the pain of being unknown.)

However, Martin went from obscurity to prosperity in a relatively short time. Within four short years, using the power of publicity, he went from selling life insurance door-to-door to being named Vice President of a $26 million technology company with three divisions.
Martin personally generated over $4,000,000 worth of media exposure in a single year for himself without hiring a PR agency and without sending out a single press release!

He's a successful radio host and TV personality himself, and his company was featured on the national evening news. Martin is one of the pioneers and a veteran of Internet Radio and comprehensive, audio marketing strategies.

Martin is one of the original hosts of The Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show and is currently the Executive Producer of PayPal Radio and several other shows. He’s also the Director of Business Development and Affiliate Programs at wsRadio.

He's hosted his own show Customer Catcher Radio on wsRadio. ("The World Wide Leader in Internet Talk" and home to eBay Radio and original Hay House Radio programming).

        Martin's also hosted ‘traditional’ offline radio for years. His 'On Air' experience began as the host of The Small Business Canada Hour and then The Enterprise Hour, broadcast from Toronto’s CFYI 640AM talk-radio – and simulcast on the Internet.

       It wasn't always so much fun. He started out as a young, unknown, high school science teacher, who for years after leaving teaching, struggled as a salesman, then as an independent consultant and speaker. There was lots of stress and little money. Sometimes... no money. (He knew the pain of being unknown.)

       However, Martin went from obscurity to prosperity in a relatively short time. Within four short years, using the power of publicity, he went from selling life insurance door-to-door to being named Vice President of a $26 million technology company with three divisions.

"Internet Radio has given me so much, but nothing more valuable then ACCESS. I've had the opportunity to connect and interact with many executives and influential business figures, like Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft and Mark Benioff, Chairman and CEO of, and Jay Nali, an Executive VP of IBM, and many others like them."

- Martin Wales, Internet Radio Host, Producer and Strategist

     Since then, he's had the pleasure to work with, interview and meet great people like Tony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Zig Ziglar, Harvey MacKay, Al Ries, Peter Lowe, Jay Abraham, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, Dan Kennedy, Les Brown and many more.*

Now he assists professionals with their Positioning and Packaging. He helps you quickly win the coveted 'Expert Status,' and easily raise your prices and get paid what your worth.

Martin is THE industry insider who can teach you what you need to know about this most exciting and rapidly growing communication tool today – Becoming a Radio Talk Show Host on Traditional or Internet Radio, Podcasting, or via Audio Marketing – and, after years in the industry, he’s agreed to finally share ALL he knows- everything!

"Premiere Strategists Who Help You Reach Your Business Goals..."
"At Internet Audio, we help you get all the equipment, the systems and accessories you need to create professional quality audio. But just because you have a microphone doesn't mean you have a great radio show.
Martin Wales is without a doubt a premiere strategist and producer who helps you reach your business goals and objectives. If you want super content and production then you need America's Internet Radio Coach, Martin Wales."

Mike Stewart
Audio/Video Expert, Internet Audio

All You Need Is Your Voice And A Burning Desire
To Be A "Radio Talk Show Host"
     Luckily, you have one of the most important tools that you need already...YOUR just haven’t recognized or leveraged it yet.

     Beyond that, Martin helps you reach your goals and dreams by using this special something you and only you have.

      Internet Radio (and Podcasting) is the newest media in online marketing for leading experts, authors, coaches, speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs like you. It had more than FIVE times the listening audience of satellite radio in 2004 and now has almost more than TEN times the listeners, according to Arbitron auditing!

      Here's a direct quote taken from the Wall Street Journal...

Internet Radio! The New Media

"While just 3.4 million Americans subscribe to satellite radio, about 19 million listen to Internet radio each week, according to research firms Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research."

       Let's face it, Internet Radio is your fast track to exposure, credibility and sales, profit, and success... but only once you know the secrets of how to start and run you own successful Radio Show "business" and improve your skill set as a Talk Radio Show Host.

There Are HUGE Benefits When You Become
A Radio Talk Show Host

Attract new customers, clients, and opportunities without strenuous selling and eliminate cold calling

Be crowned as the leading expert, a respected center of influence and the recognized resource in your field

Share your message with millions at the local, national and international levels at no incremental cost increase

Build your network quickly as you enjoy access to authors, celebrities and your industry’s centers of influence

Get $$$Thousands$$$ worth of marketing and advertising exposure mere pennies

Sell more books and hit Bestseller status faster, get more and higher paying speaking gigs and coaching clients

Get thousands of dollars in sponsorships, prizes, and rewards from recognized, leading brand names and businesses

Watch your web site ranking rise in the Search Engines as your listeners multiply and as you quickly receive links from others

Create content-rich, high profit, information products and services with no additional investment of your time or money!

Getting Famous Is Really About Getting 'Known'
in The Right Way...
Famous people and celebrities influence people's buying decisions because they:
  • Attract more attention
  • Direct peoples' thoughts with their personal opinions
  • Set trends with their name recognition
  • Inspire the masses to take action, and
  • Earn extraordinary amounts of money
       As a Radio Talk Show Host, you can model this and get fame, fortune, and success on your own terms.

    That is why this innovative program called Radio Show Mentoring Program is the BEST WAY for you to position yourself as the leading authority in your industry, or expert in your niche, leading to prosperity and profit and making a difference in the world.

Now, you can create your own MEGA-PUBLICITY media machine… AND MAKE MONEY at the same time...

", which employs 12 people, had revenue of $600,000 last year. Murch expects to bring in $900,000 this year."

- From San Diego Union-Tribune, June 24, 2005, Article "Making Internet Waves" by Staff Writer, Kathryn Balint

        Read on to learn the fastest and most effective way anyone can take advantage of this dynamic, fast-growing, and popular media for many professionals seeking the immediate benefits of audio production and hosting your own program along with the power and credibility of being a Radio Talk Show Host!

With the Radio Show Mentoring Program You
Get Famous >>> FAST

"After Starting My Own Show... I've Really Expanded My Network..."
     "I'm now the host of Step Family Talk Radio." "I began Step Family Talk Radio after listening to Martin Wales during a teleseminar and I got SO excited about what I learned that I almost immediately - probably within 2 weeks - started up my own Internet Radio show. Since then, I have been inundated with requests from PR people to interview their authors and I've met a TON of really interesting people. It's really expanded my network and let people know a lot about who I am and about my book and about my radio show.
     Most recently, I spoke with Martin privately for about an hour or so and he told me pretty much everything I needed to know to really expand my reach and fine tune my program. I have a lot of confidence that this is really going to go somewhere!
    In my dealings with Martin, I have really, really appreciated his generosity and his willingness to share everything he knows and I really recommend him as a resource for you in one-on-one consulting or any of the programs that he offers.

Lisa Cohn
Founder & Host of "Step Family Talk Radio"

    We're not talking "Hollywood" famous (although that's possible too), but what you want to consider is the type of fame that makes you 'Rich In Your Niche.'

     Yes, getting "Rich in Your Niche" is a proven fact, because you earn a lot more money when you're known as the leading expert in your niche, your industry, or even a smaller geographical region.

     A "leading" expert is a professional, celebrity or specialist - anybody that's the first person to come to mind when you hear a certain term or word.

For example, when you hear the word or terms below, do you think of the people listed?
  • Late Night - Jay Leno or David Letterman
  • Inspirational Talk Show - Oprah or Dr. Phil
  • Home & Garden - Martha Stewart
  • Financial Radio – Jim Cramer or Suze Orman
  • Evangelical TV - Billy Graham and Robert Schuller
  • Music Countdown - Casey Casem and Dick Clark
  • Political Talk Radio - Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity
  • Sex Talk Radio- Dr. Ruth Or Sue Johanson
  • Shock Radio - Howard Stern and IMUS or Shamus ;-)
     Being famous can bring great freedom. In addition to the money, status and things you can buy, you can also lead a cause, help your family and others in need, and make a difference for others.

Speaking of making a difference, here's a wealthy friend who quickly recognized the potential power of Internet Radio for his goals in helping and motivating others...

"... it only took about 30 days ... I had my OWN show ... it transformed
my life!"
     "What can I say about the one and only Martin Wales? What a great champion!"
     I was on his show,... probably about a year ago and I tell you, the guy gave me so much insight, so much information about how I could get into the industry as well, it transformed my life!
    In fact, it was only about 30 days after doing his first show and his information that I got my OWN show up in Seattle, WA, on KKNW 1150AM, Positive ChoiceTalk Radio and have been doing that for the past year.
    Get to know Martin Wales, whatever you do. He's a true champion, a true humanitarian, and more importantly, he practices what he preaches. I love this guy."

Gregory Scott Reid
The Millionaire Mentor & Host of The Positive Impact Show

     Read the details below and see why being a Radio Talk Show Host via Internet Radio or Podcasting is the absolute fastest, most affordable and truly exciting opportunity for maximum exposure, powerful positioning and profits for your business!

If You're Not Getting The Media Attention You
Want Then Create Your Own...
You don't have to be like those who spend thousands of their precious dollars to get a PR agency to "pitch" them to the traditional mass media with little or NO results.

You can turn the tables around ... like Randy Gilbert (first case study above)...

Soon after Randy started his show, he had the same Publicists who bang pitch the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, People, Travel, Vanity Fair, Glamour, or Wall St.
Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, People, Travel, Vanity Fair, Glamour, or Reader's Digest. Really, trying to get famous people onto his show...

    Why not CREATE YOUR OWN MEDIA? Take charge and control your own destiny, your exposure and credibility, and how quickly you can leap ahead of others and claim your own marketing platform and personal prosperity.

Stop Being Treated Like a Commodity... As A Radio Talk Show Host, You Become A Recognized and Respected Expert...
    Imagine being able to immediately accelerate your branding and positioning as THE leading specialist, the recognized authority and the preferred resource in your industry and niche!

     Eliminate the haggling and having prospects beating you down on your fees.

    Wouldn't you rather enjoy having a waiting list of preselected and prequalified prospects... who are not only curious about your products and services, but who are predisposed and prepared to buy right now, at whatever price levels YOU set … with no objections ... and without hesitation...
What would that be worth to you ...?
    This dynamic Radio Show Mentoring Program shows you how to position yourself or your company to create instant, concrete credibility and public recognition.

Start Now -- Increase Your Visibility, Your Credibility, & Your Income
     Did you know that you can start broadcasting right now on the Internet with no technical knowledge or expensive equipment?

And that's good...because you do want to get started right build your credibility. But exactly HOW can you turn it into CASH? How about a LOT of cash?

That's where Martin’s personal insights, 'Radio Talk Show Host' experience and strategies help you. Take his templates, his blue prints and his scripts to make them your own to accelerate your show’s launch and avoid any embarrassing or expensive mistakes (yes, he made some and shares his stories...).

You Don't Need to Get Arrested, Killed
or Naked to Get Media Attention...
      Often entertainers, actors and other celebrities have their private lives totally exposed and analyzed or some are caught in outrageous behavior or illegal activities.


     As a professional, you are above that; and besides, wouldn't you rather be in complete control of how you are perceived?

     At the conclusion on Radio Show Mentoring Program, you take away a step-by-step, professional plan to take positive action to become famous and "Turn Your Credibility into CASH."

As A Radio Talk Show Host, It's The Perfect Way
To 'Sell Without Selling'

     Are you a highly qualified individual...

But you just HATE selling...?
  • You don’t enjoy cold calling and getting engagements...
  • don’t like selling books from the trunk of your car...
  • Your revenue comes in on a stressful 'feast or famine' cycle...
If you answered "yes" or even "maybe," then being a Radio Talk Show Host is the perfect solution for you.
     You can 'Sell Without Selling' to a 'Hungry Audience of Loyal Listeners' who are waiting for advice and who near-begging for your recommendations.

"There's NO Faster, Easier or More Reliable Way to Create Product or Content ..."
    "If you're an information marketer, there is no faster, easier or more reliable way to create product, or content, then through audio - using your voice.

     And, as far as coaching goes, one of the best people on the planet in coaching people on how to use their voice, on radio, through teleconferences and any kind of vocal medium is Martin Wales.

     Listen to him. He's a superb interviewer, with his online radio show, but at the same time, he can coach you one-on-one to make you give a presentation that has more pulling power and sell without feeling like you're pitching. Listen to what Martin has to say cause he knows what he's talking about."

Alex Mandossian
Teleseminar Secrets, Heritage House Publishing

Becoming a Radio Celebrity Let's You Confidently Charge What You Want...

        Imagine all the benefits of having a LOYAL group of listeners (prospects, customers, clients and colleagues) who come back again and again?

        Wouldn't it be wonderful not to constantly worry about how to get the publicity that you need? And, to have people in your industry actually seeking you out?

       Martin's Radio Show Mentoring Program gives you a literal Treasure Map to attain maximum leverage and take full advantage of becoming an expert. Take home the skills you need to win yourself that potent and powerful combination of 3rd party referrals, trusted branding, and concrete credibility.

        Ask yourself what it would mean to burn your name and your company's into the minds and onto the tongues of all those in your industry. How does it sound to you to have your name synonymous with the leading and preferred thought leaders and suppliers in your specific expertise?

Many of the top marketers in the world use this powerful promotion tool...

<- Matt Bacak is the good looking Radio Host on the left he says....

"Internet Radio is Probably the Most Powerful Promotion Tool I Use..."
        Hi, this is Matt Bacak and I'm known as "The Powerful Promoter." I've been an entrepreneur from the time I could pull a wagon and started my first company with employees at the age of 12.
However, I was a struggling entrepreneur until I learned the secrets that Martin and Randy will reveal to you in this program.
     Internet Radio and audio marketing is probably the most powerful promotion tool I use and it's given me the ability to literally charge what I want.
      It works for me and I know it'll work for you. Matt Bacak, the "Powerful Promoter"

Matt Bacak, the "Powerful Promoter"
President of Frontier Marketing Int'l and Former CoHost of the "Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show"

Besides Generating Publicity and Recognition ...
You Also Attract CASH
     There are several ways to make money besides advertising. Sponsorship is the most lucrative means of collecting large sums of money in less time. It's profitable and helpful to have sponsors pay YOU while you to get your message out and run your own show. Imagine making money while totally benefiting yourself.

Here's an example taken from a Sponsorship Agreement below (and yes, you'll get the complete copy of it to use for yourself, as a participant

Reach Thousands With Your Message From The Comfort Of Your Home Office
      Let me ask you... "If you could easily reach hundreds or thousands more people, on a regular basis, with your important message, even working from a home office, doing what you love….how would that change your business and your life?"

     Well, you CAN and it's easier than you might think.

Read on to learn the fastest and most effective way to take advantage of this dynamic, fast-growing, and popular media for your immediate benefit!

Make The Internet Your Own International Broadcasting Tower
      You now have the power of the Web at your command and with easy internet access in every area of the globe, you can now be more than just a Radio Talk Show Host – you also become a worldwide "broadcaster."

     You don't need an excellent (or even an average) voice either. You don't even need to be a trained speaker, presenter, teleseminar leader or trainer.

    Internet Radio and Podcasting is perfect for the serious professional, life coach, book marketer, consultant or leading expert looking to reach the world.

Internet Radio Requires NO Special License of Any Kind . . . None, Zip, Nada

    That’s right. If you have a desire, an idea, and the tools, tips and help you get from the Radio Show Mentoring Program, that’s all that you need. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars or literally years of waiting for a license.

     For traditional broadcast radio, there are government auctions to sell bandwidth signals. They cost MILLIONS in legal, lobbying and consulting fees to bid on with NO guarantee of ever winning the license or channel on that’s on the auction block!

     To be a Radio Talk Show Host on Internet Radio or as a Podcaster, you need no license, no official certification and don’t come under the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) cumbersome regulations.

     This is one area in which you truly give yourself permission to succeed.

    And to get going, there's no special equipment either... if you have a phone and a computer, you basically have the equipment you need to be successful. You can buy special equipment including high-end microphones and recording gear, but you don’t need any of it when you're getting started.

Once you've started, take your shows and use them online for Internet Radio, post them to Podcasting services, place them in your own Audio Blog, or offer them as prerecorded sessions on teleconferencing bridge lines. Offline, you can even duplicate CDs for distribution via direct mail, at trade shows or in person at networking events and from the stage, if you're a speaker.

"...Within No-Time I Had 'Great Relationships Radio' Up and Running"
    “I started my show and within no-time I had "Great Relationships Radio" up and running. And, it required no special equipment.
     At first I didn't feel like I had what it took, but with the right kind of help and encouragement I created a fun show our of an eclectic mix of music, talk, news, reviews, and interviews.
     Now, Great Relationships Radio Reaches over a quarter million homes in Fairfax County VA and billions over the world wide web.
     Even when I moved recently, I just took my show with me. I was so excited when I heard that this program was put together. With their expertise you just can't lose."

Kevin Decker - Author, Coach, and Speaker Chief Relationships Officer at InspirationPoint, Inc. and Host of "Great Relationships Radio"

Internet Radio Is The Wave of The Future and RSMP Helps You Jump Ahead...
       Enroll in The Radio Show Mentoring Program and put yourself ahead of the rest. Audio has gone portable and now works without being tied down to a computer and its speakers. Without the RSMP knowledge, you’ll be left behind as a Radio Talk Show Host or an information marketer.

Avoid the painful mistakes, dangerous pitfalls, and wasting your money needlessly – (plus avoid the biggie, looking bad in public.) Listen to Martin's expertise in the exploding field of personal media and ‘citizenship journalism.’ The Radio Show Mentoring Program handles all concerns and questions that you might have in getting started...

Even if you don’t want to have a regular Internet Radio Talk Show, you can use these exact same concepts, strategies and tactics to improve and profit from doing teleseminars and using other audio marketing.
Podcasting Is A ‘Subscription’ Based Type of Internet Radio and RSMP Shows You Exactly How to Do It and Make Money Too
Internet Radio is Forging New Ground Daily...
It's Time To Act...
      Did you know that Microsoft is currently crafting Internet programs based on the play-lists of dozens of traditional radio stations? The radio stations say that they don’t mind, but they’re still filing lawsuits. The Good News is that Talk Radio is immune, so now is the time to get on board.

Did you know that a major broadcasting firm with an ethnic demographic skew just spent $56 million to buy what amounts to a couple of websites – because those websites have over half a million subscribers – for Internet Radio broadcasting?

      No matter who you are...BIG or little...Internet Radio will give you the power to take your future into your own hands and achieve your dreams and desires.

      Here's a friend who is really doing it BIG...and you can be just like him if you want to... TESTIMONIAL HERE

With Our Help You CAN'T FAIL ... This Medium is Affordable and Powerful
      Before digging into the Secrets that Martin and his many guest experts give you, for your own success, think about the basic idea of Internet Radio and Podcasting today.

      The more people who hear what you have to say, the more they know who you are, and the more in demand you become!

      For a tiny fraction of a traditional media spend, you can get 10, 100, or 1000 times the benefits through the magic and power of digital media!

Consider the following about using Internet Radio and Podcasting...

This Is THE First-Ever Broadcast Medium With
NO Barrier to Entry...
    You might have a spectacular voice and come up with brilliant insights (you might even have 'The Tonight Show' flair) BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO . . .

    All you have to be is a normal person with a normal speaking voice and you'll be able to sell more of whatever you do for a living.

    As a Radio Talk Show Host on Internet Radio, you are essential an equal to just about any of the top major broadcasting hosts. If you want to use this form of audio marketing, if you can carry on a normal conversation and know something about your area of interest, you’re all set!

     Previous RSMP graduates were not seasoned radio veterans when they started out, yet we have dozens of testimonials from celebrities and top leaders in their field who have done hundreds and even thousands of interviews and they say we are some of the best hosts that they have been interviewed by ...

Here's just one among many...

"They Are Two of the BEST Interviewers..."
    I am so excited that Randy and Martin have put this program together. They both have a tremendous amount of experience both off line in the radio world and online in the Internet radio world and I can't imagine two better experts to come together and bring the power of their experience to put this program together for us.

     I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by both of them and I have to tell you they're two of the best interviewers. They really know how to get what's in your head and what you want to say. They know how to ask the right questions to unlock the mastery in another person and I'll tell you to be able to get to be taught by them on how to give a good interview and how to turn that into a radio show that's profitable is just really going to be phenomenal for you.

     If you're a coach, if you're an author, a speaker, an Internet marketer or just somebody who's looking for another revenue stream I can't imagine a better money making ability than to have your own Internet Radio Show.
Sterling Valentine

It's The ONLY Broadcast Medium That Is The Same For 100 As For 100,000,000
        That's right, by using the Internet you enjoy flat pricing, no matter if you're in a 100 person listener market or a 100 million person listener market...

        The price of Internet Radio starts low and it STAYS LOW.

       If you have ever purchased, or inquired about, air time on traditional broadcast media, including radio and TV, you know that the pricing varies hugely with the size of the actual or likely audience. The larger the media market, the more you have to pay for the time.

       But, with Internet Radio and Podcasting, your potential market is literally everyone in the world. With a computer, your costs do not change. With digital recording technology, CDs, mp3s, and ‘podcasting’ you can reach your best audience, prospects and clients. Plus, audio is now totally portable, no longer needing a live web connection!

Win Public Attention and Attract More Clients
and Customers ...
        If no one has ever heard of you, how can they even begin to appreciate you or the valuable information you’ve got to share? How do they know how to buy from you?

        If you want more clients, customers or bigger and better opportunities, then you’re probably already painfully aware of just how well (or poorly) connected and networked you are. Your first critical step is to:
  1. Get enough attention to be heard, and
  2. Build your reputation as the recognized expert in your industry or niche.
        Without enough exposure, media attention and other forms of public recognition, you remain an unknown and lack that essential and critical credibility, especially if you’re newer to your career, industry or role.

        It’s tough to say, but, "If nobody knows who you are…you’re INVISIBLE!"

       Martin knows, because he used to be invisible to the world too.

        Thankfully, Martin’s found the way to reverse that and you can too! There IS a way for you to get known and get paid for what you know... and more quickly than you ever thought possible!

Start Now To Increase Your Visibility, Your Credibility, & Your Income ...
        Did you know that you can start broadcasting right now on the Internet with no technical knowledge or expensive equipment?

        And that's not a problem...because Martin helps you get started right build your credibility and turn it into CASH.

        That’s where his content-rich, tip-filled, intensive trainings come in. He literally transfers his radio stories and insights to give you the most leverage and a profit-based mindset that helps you reach peak performance levels.

       Martin has been recognized consistently for his innovative sales and marketing skills, and has quickly become well-known in the fast-moving world of Internet Radio, Podcasting and Audio Marketing.

       As an experienced Radio Talk Show Host, both online and off, Martin reveals all to you plus guiding you in avoiding the mistakes he's made.

        He shows you how to position yourself and your company to create concrete credibility and public recognition fast and how to turn on the money machine behind it.

Learn From A Respected, World Leading,
Preeminent Expert...
        Martin’s often quoted in many other media formats, from national newspapers to PROFIT Magazine. He’s featured on Marketing Masters, with Jay Conrad Levinson of "Guerilla Marketing" fame, plus the Nightingale-Conant audio-education series, How to
"Guerilla Marketing" fame, plus the Nightingale-Conant audio-education series, How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be with The Marketing Wizard, Jay Abraham. He’s a TV analyst and expert on news broadcasts, hosts business television spots and he’s even had his company featured on the national evening news. Do you think he walks his talk?

"...Saved Me At Least a Week of Research Time That I Didn't Have"
      I just spent an hour with Martin going over the concept for Internet Radio and in that ONE hour of consultation I think he probably saved me at least a week of research time that I really didn't have.
    My time is super valuable so when someone can cut through the wealth of information and distill it down to meet my needs, I really place a high value on that.
     I recommend going to Martin when you need information that fits your needs and your business and you just don't have the time to research it out on your own. He's got a way of really putting it into a nutshell for you.

Dawna Jones
Facilitator, Author, and Speaker "From Insight To Action"

Online and Marketing Superstars Quote Us In
Their Books...You're Getting The Best
      Many experts know that Internet Radio and Podcasting are the fastest, most affordable publicity and PR around. It's exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be in 2008 and beyond!

      Martin's company, was listed in Seth Goden's select group of Bull Marketers 2004 for helping clients with unique 'Purple Cow" type marketing through Internet Radio broadcasts.

      Martin's expertise is featured in and published as a chapter in Mitch Myerson's latest book, Online Marketing Superstars. It was a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in two categories, both Marketing & Sales and Computers & Internet.

      For people like you, ready to increase your visibility, credibility, and income, we have crafted a specially designed program to meet your needs and get you started! We'll show you how to tie all this into your other efforts, like becoming an author and taking your book to Bestseller status ? even #1 on Amazon.

      With incredible experience and success as a Radio Talk Show Host himself, Martin is ready to "spread the wealth" and share all the inside tips and tricks – in fact, hundreds of them! – with up and coming powerhouse professional candidates like you.

We've Pulled Out All The Stops and Have
Assembled a Complete System For You...
     This intensive, time-tested system for training you as a Radio Talk Show Host is like having someone right beside you, every step of the way, holding your hand and showing you exactly what to do.

      This program is perfect for anyone who wants to harness the power of publicity, celebrity and credibility in a way that ALSO makes you lots of money.

      Martin leads you through an 8-part teleseminar series (and gives you a ton of bonus sessions and extra materials) that give you all of the knowledge and skill you need to get famous fast (the affordable and safe way) and put you in the driver's seat for getting as much publicity and PR and you could possibly want.

Learn and Gain Complete Access to:
Tips and shortcuts...
Tricks of the trade...
Tools to get you going FAST...
How to find and choose service providers ...
Show concepts and winning formats...
SHow to set up the technology...
How to start broadcasting ...
How and where to find guests (everywhere!!!) ...
How to get corporate sponsors to pay for your marketing while you benefit over and over again
How to multiply your revenues and add alternative sources to your income ...

This Program Is Perfect For 'Infopreneurs'
      This program is ideal for all types of Infopreneurs (Entrepreneurs promoting info-products) authors, speakers, coaches, small business owners, etc.)

      With the Radio Show Mentoring Program, Martin guides you with his proven formula to create your own radio show - You do have to follow the instructions and perform the work to accelerate your production and show launch and...

Martin is "greasing the skids" and making it easy in every way, like finding the perfect guests to interview. You only need to make a few phone calls and send an email.

"I've Been In Radio and Broadcasting for Over 35 Years ... I've Never Seen a Better Program for Teaching You What You Need To Know..."
    Hi, this is George McKenzie and I've been on the air either full time or part time in radio or TV for more than 30 years and when I say that radio is a powerful medium for getting your message to your target audience believe me I know what I'm talking about. Publicity you generate from a radio show either over the air or over the Internet gives you a chance to leave a lasting impression on the very customers and prospects who can spell the difference between success and failure in almost any business enterprise.

     Through radio they get to know you as a business person and as a human being, because they have time to get to know you in a way that a brief TV sound bite or even a lengthy printed interview can rarely accomplish. They can learn directly from you how they can benefit from your knowledge, your experience and, oh yes, your products. Randy Gilbert and Martin Wales are two of the pioneers of online broadcasting. I don't know anyone with better credentials, more credentials or more knowledge than Randy or Martin about how to use radio as a promotion and publicity vehicle.

     I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn from them.

George McKenzie

Here's How You Can Join The RSMP Program and Have Your Own Talk Radio Show
      Martin wants you to be a part of this special, Radio Show Mentoring Program where you are guided to prepare and launch your own journey as a Radio Talk Show Host.

     Here's how it works...

This Program Gives You Everything You Need
to Know In Just Eight Supercharged Sessions
      The RSMP training consists of eight 90-minute tele-classes and eight full hours of additional open phone time, led by Martin himself. You receive complete, digital recordings, professionally produced transcripts and a comprehensive set of templates and pre-created documents to market, produce and administer your radio shows.

      If you can't wait to get 'On The Air' and create your Internet Radio Show, then this is where you learn precisely how to do it in the Radio Show Mentoring Program.

     All of Martin's and his expert guests’ information and insider knowledge are yours in this very personal and interactive 8-part training and development series. And, you'll love when you hear Martin interviewing several special guests who are the experts he seeks out when he needs pros to assist him.

      Plus, you receive a number of special bonuses and unannounced gifts, bringing you even more value and audio marketing power!

Here are the Program Details...
     This Power-Packed Program is Your Recipe for Success... it's conducted through eight (count 'em – 8) jam-packed sessions using the latest, self-guided, training and technology

     Here are all of the session topics...

SESSION 1 – "How to Win Massive Attention, Exposure, Credibility and ACCESS With Your Own Radio Talk Show." A complete review of Radio development and the explosive growth of Internet Radio & Podcasting and how to promote yourself with it.

SESSION 2 – "How to Make Lots of Money By Creating A Radio Show for Maximum Credibility and Profit." ." We explore various business models that work best and demonstration of how you can 'Cash-In' both online & offline, especially via 'Passive Income' methods.

SESSION 3 – "How to Select a Radio Format That Fits Your Niche and Personal Style (and Makes You Sound Great!)".Learn how to select the best show style and format for you and how to launch it and grow your audience.

SESSION 4 – "How to Market Your Show to Attract Celebrities and Leading Experts and Blow Your Audience Listenership Numbers Through the Roof." In addition to connecting with celebrities, industry stars and top leaders, we introduce you to methods for attracting corporate sponsors to pay for your shows and content while building lifetime credibility.

SESSION 5 – "How to Properly Prepare and Use Production Strategies to Create Powerhouse Shows." You get the exact scripts and show blueprints used by professionals to prepare and deliver the best in audio. Plus, how to create shows for maximum long-term benefit and profits.

SESSION 6 – "How to Quickly Acquire Professional Interview Techniques, Voice Quality, and Show Finesse." Get the Insider Secrets for how to make you and your guests sound just right and deliver content rich and helpful information every time.

SESSION 7 – "How to Acquire the Resources and Technical Understanding of What You Need to Make Your Show Top Notch and Professional." Martin presents (in a simple format) multiple hardware and software options to create great content and audio for your show.

SESSION 8 – "How to Get the Right Help and Build Your Future and Financial Success." This is all about the many possibilities of what your show can become (even as BIG as a nationally syndicated show) and how to set the right strategic goals to make it happen.

Enroll Now and You Also Receive Rare and
Valuable Bonus Gifts for FREE
Bonus 1 - A Certificate for a 30-Minute Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Time (with Martin Wales) ($300.00 value). Use this coaching call with Martin to help you get going on your material and to address any personal or unique situations for your niche. He’ll help you devise a game plan for your particular goals, point you in the direction of where you can find the right people to interview.
(If you need additional one-on-one time, he’ll even give you a 50% discount on his regular consulting fees. We want to help you succeed!)

Bonus 2 - Production Sheet Forms, Show Promotion Materials, and Prospecting and Sponsorship Contract Templates – (the value is hard to say, perhaps $10,000 or more, but at least worth the admission price of this course alone) - You will be getting exact renditions and documentation to follow a simple paint-by-number process for producing outstanding material every time. Plus, examples of marketing pieces to promote your show and Phone Scripts for approaching guests, esp. celebrities, centers of influence and industry leaders that catch the ears of those you want to get on your show! And you can use these tools for your other teleseminars and live events too!

Bonus 3 - Complete Digital Recordings and Transcripts. ($850 value) We will record each of our sessions and post them online for your easy and convenient by the next day and you'll also receive a pdf of the exact transcripts (usually by the following week.)

Bonus 4 - An intimate one-on-one, hour-long interview with Al Ries (co-author of the famous books The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Positioning). Martin interviewed Al about his latest published work, co-authored with his daughter Susan Ries, called "The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR."

Bonus 5 - Powerful, mind-blowing interviews with recognized specialists. You'll get even more tips and tricks from our guest experts and other audio marketing specialists, i.e. Susan Berkley, Mike Stewart. These will be yours to download and listen to whenever you want.

Bonus 6 - Customer Catcher™ Publicity ($97 value) A full hour of insights and creative ideas for even more Publicity & PR in a punchy presentation Martin made in San Francisco at a closed door, Boardroom event for Declan Dunn's Right Now Marketing Group.

Bonus 7 - We PROMOTE YOU on our shows! (This is priceless promotion to help you start FAST!) You'll have a chance to be a special guest on one of the shows Martin produces or hosts. He does his best to promote you, your business and your own new Internet Radio Show.

And many more from our guest lecturers.

This program is for the select few who are serious about becoming a Radio Talk Show Host, desire the best, and want results faster...

Get Started Today - Quickly and Easily... NO
Previous Experience Required
       With the right information and resources, you can get going, almost immediately, to create your own media and begin the momentum that leads to mainstream media attention and industry accolades.

Get everything from the basics to the most advanced, modern, marketing techniques. The Radio Show Mentoring Program answers your questions, addresses your concerns and builds your confidence to produce and profit from all your marketing efforts.

QUESTION - Why is this event not a weekend seminar?

Because, Martin Wants You To Learn In The Comfort
Of Your Own Home or Office...

Plus, You Don’t Have to Pay Any Airfare, Hotel or Other
Travel Expenses (It's Like Getting a 50% Discount!)

AND Most Importantly, You Actually Start Creating Your Own
Radio Talk Show While You Learn The Strategy!

     Quite frankly, because we use a self-directed study system, we can teach you in a format that is best for learning (besides you probably couldn't learn it all in a weekend).

      It would be setting us both up for failure...

      We've been to lots of weekend seminars and have felt the frustration of not being able to put what we've learned into practice. If you can't put it into practice... why pay to learn it?

     We want you to be able to actually DO what is in this program, which could never happen in one weekend! Besides, how can you apply anything when you're trapped in a hotel in a foreign city?

      This program is designed to be completed over an eight week period so you can learn the material, ask questions, do the assignments recommended, get feedback, and continually get ready to be a fantastic Radio Talk Show Host.

      This is how it's done in the real world and that is what we want to model. We want to make absolutely certain that you acquire the new skills you need. Agreed?

Here Are More Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) and Their Answers
      At the end of each 8 content rich sessions, you'll be able hear participants’ questions and what they want to know. Here are some questions we've already received, they came from people just like you...

Q. What is Internet Radio and how is it different from regular radio?

A. Internet Radio is simply using the power and world-wide connectivity of the Internet to broadcast your radio show instead of relying on expensive radio transmitters which require special licensing from the FCC.

Q. How do I make money with Internet Radio or Podcasting and what kind of revenue streams can I create?

A. This is where Internet Radio really shines brighter (like gold over brass) because you can have multiple streams of income. Sponsorships, affiliate income, products of many types and formats (i.e. streaming file, downloadable files, CDs, ebooks, regular, etc.), and membership sites. We will go over them in-depth during the course.

Q. Can I really run a worldwide show from a corner of my apartment or office with almost no investment?

A. Yes indeed. Everything some hosts need to run a 6-figure, Internet Radio Show fits in a computer case that they take with them when they travel. It fits neatly under an Airplane seat. When home it can be left set up on your desk.

Q. Why does Internet Radio make me a sought-after guru in my profession?

A. It's not by magic, but it is almost miraculous. When you interview other people who are highly regarded, all of their prestige transfers to you when you do a great job interviewing them. Martin shows you how to become a great interviewer.

Q. What about do you get interesting people to have confidence and trust that you will be a good interviewer when you are unknown to them?

A. This is where you have a HUGE advantage over anyone else wanting to start their own radio show. In addition to giving you templates and phone scripts, Martin teaches you what you need to know so you give great interviews. Then Martin shows you exactly how to get great testimonials from your guests too.

Q. What are the legal issues with Internet Radio and with doing interviews?

A. Internet Radio is almost void of any additional requirements above what's necessary for any business. Regarding interviews, we will provide you with a legal "Assignment of Rights" contract that you can use so that you can turn them into products to sell.

Q. How do I market my Show and spread the word?

A. There are dozens of ways to market your shows, many of them zero cost. In fact, Martin teaches you a way to market your Show that actually makes money while you do it.

Q. I would like to have a radio program, mainly to create recordings that I can either give away or sell. Is this a viable and worthwhile option?

A. Yes, of course, creating recordings is one of the most important benefits of being a Radio Talk Show Host. It's extremely worthwhile because you can use it to create several different types of products.

Q. How do I make a determination of what content I should give away and what content I should place a fee on?

A. That will always remain a business decision of yours, but Martin gives you methods and tools that you can use to make a really good decision. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote your Internet Radio Show that creates an income too.

Q. What format do you think works best, replay of audio recordings or live programming?

A. The real answer is Yes and Yes - they both work best. Martin teaches you how to create the show that is perfect for your own business goals and lifestyle. You can pick one or the other, or both.

Q. Is there a way to get my show to be carried by another Radio Station with a big audience?

A. Yes there is a way to get your show to be carried on other Radio Stations, both Online and Offline, and Martin gives you several examples and shows you how to negotiate win-win deals.

Q. What is the most important aspect of success in Internet Radio?

A. Wow, that is a loaded question, but in all frankness, the most important aspect is that Internet Radio is so versatile that you’re able to meet your goals (i.e. more money, a better lifestyle, a bigger selling platform, high credibility, etc.) no matter what they are.

Q. If I don't know what will be a "good fit" for my business, will you help me come up with an idea for my Internet Radio show?

A. Yes, the field is wide open and you will be able to find your niche and fill a need out in the market place with Internet Radio and as a Radio Talk Show Host.

Q. What equipment and software is required and how much does it cost?

A. With internet radio the options are varied. You can start out at super low, with just your phone and a computer, or you could invest in a top-dollar professional studio. The good thing is that when you're broadcasting talk shows, people are far more interested in the content, then in the quality of the recorded voice.

This Course Costs a Lot Less Than The
Value You'll Receive
     If you're wondering, "What's the price of this program?" we’re glad you asked. That’s one of the best parts of what we offer.

     You see becoming the owner of your very own Radio Show might very well worth be $100,000.00... $500,000.00... even $1 million or more to you over your lifetime.

      Once you become a Radio Talk Show Host, that’s an accomplishment no one can ever take away from you. It’s a priceless asset you have for the rest of your life. You quickly find that doors previously closed to you suddenly spring open and bring a flood of paid speaking and consulting engagements, and much more.

      For that reason, we thought seriously about charging $10,000.00 for our program. That would be a reasonable price, but we don’t just want to work with affluent people. Sure we want to make money, but we really want to help the average authors, speakers, and coaches on a tight budget. We remember what it was like only a few years ago when we were still un-known ourselves trying to cost-effectively market ourselves.

      By delivering the course online, using internet marketing and originally teaching a lot of the information via teleseminar, we were able to use our time most productively and bring the cost down considerably.

How Much Does Our Program Cost?
      The regular price for the RSMP live training has been as high as $3,197 but more often around $2,997. Since that time, it’s also been offered at seminars, or as part of special joint venture deals, for as low as $2,497. Many loved this deal and thought it more than fair. But wait...

     YOU can save even more with our latest special offer, if you act today. My friends told me that a $500 discount would be generous and help sell the Program. I didn’t listen.

     Martin wanted to make an irresistible offer to make sure that NO ONE that had a unique, helpful or powerful message hesitated to join RSMP today. Actually, against the advice of even his most respected mentor, he reduced your investment to a nominal fee that saves you a $1,000 today!

     Martin doesn’t want you to pass up this opportunity to step into your greatness and help others while designing your own prosperity.

Why are we doing this? Why, from a business perspective, give up so much for you?

     Well, several reasons. One, we’re planning to launch this training system worldwide and need more testimonials and case studies for our global marketing campaign. You can have the entire program, while others pay more, if in exchange, you merely take a minute of your time to share your testimonials and feedback with us!

     Next reason is that we’ve dropped the expensive one-on-one time, and a few of the bonuses, that cost us a lot, to bring the RSMP tuition down, to one simple fee that anybody can budget for.

      How much money have you set aside to invest in yourself and your business? Whatever it is, creating your own Internet Radio Show and claiming the title of Radio Talk Show Host is one of the fastest ways to promote your business that you'll ever experience.

Radio Talk Show Host Training Is Finally
Even Easier To Afford and Totally Risk Free

Register Now For Martin’s
Radio Show Mentoring Program
It's Risk Free!
Enroll now by clicking on and filling out our easy-to-use
Secure Risk Free Registration form

You Are Fully Protected By Our Risk Free
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

     We want you to be 100% satisfied with your program and we're completely confident you will be.

     Let us remove all doubts for you....

      Order today and take the entire Radio Show Mentoring Program, and if you are not thoroughly convinced that it's worth every single penny you invested, then just let us know, and we'll refund 100% of your money immediately!

If You Don't Use This Strategy, It Could Be
Costing You Between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00
(Maybe More) In Lost Revenue
     Now, let's put our BUSINESS HAT on and ask, what does it cost you when you don't create an expert or celebrity status?

     If you were earning $5,000 per talk as a speaker and you were able to double that to $10,000, then you're letting at least $5,000 or more slip through your fingers by not creating the expert and celebrity status you deserve. It would be more if you were earning more...

To Personally Hire Martin Would Cost
You Over SIX Times More Than Your
Investment For This Program
        Martin is sometimes available to hire if you'd like him to personally teach you all that he knows. You have to go through an approval process and the upfront investment is about $700 per hour and sometimes down to $300 if you’re buying up his hours in bulk.

        Of course, your potential return is tens of thousands of dollars, so even a $10,000 investment would be reasonable. But the fact still remains, there is a waiting list.

       In order to help more people, as stated above, Martin’s created a much more affordable and minimal investment for you. Don’t wait as it’s going to go up, for sure, once we’ve gathered our testimonials from our first 50 participants from this online, self-directed version of the Radio Show Mentoring Program.

Reserve your access to The Radio Show Mentorship Program today for only:

by clicking here now.

We Can't Take Everyone, So You Must Act Quickly
      This program is only being made available with this low tuition to gain feedback for future sales and marketing efforts. Once we have them, your admission will cost more for the same priceless information. Anyway, why wait to start down the road of your own success as a Radio Talk Show Host.

      Fact of the matter is, although we reduced the amount of personal time and one-on-one coaching with Martin, we didn’t actually eliminate it. Martin can only handle a finite number of appointments for the 1-on-1 consulting. True, we've lowered the price dramatically by using group coaching and the home study approach but the personal coaching time is a bit of a ‘bottleneck’ on the number of RSMP participants we can take.

      This program is a unique way to help you learn about the secrets of Internet Radio and how to get your own show up and running, and creating a profit for you quickly. Plus, we've enlisted the help of other top notch experts.

      RSMP Graduates have gone on to earn significant sums in sponsorship, commissions and advertising income. Make sure you are one of them by taking action right now.

Reserve your spot today for the "Testimonial Trade" discounted price of only $1997 by clicking here now.

     And, you still receive tons of FREE additional, bonus gifts that help you get started on your way to being a successful Talk Radio Show Host.

Program Easy to Register For
      You can use our very easy-to-fill-out secure Risk Free Registration form.

      Or, if you prefer to Click Here to Contact Us or get your questions answered, and register over the phone, just send us an email right now.

      We'll be happy to answer your questions and get you signed up right over the phone. It's simple. It's quick. It's easy.

     BE SMART - Click Here and you'll be directed to our Secure Risk Free registration page!

Wishing you all the best on your way to being a Super Radio Talk Show Host!

Yours truly,


RSMP Registrar,
Client Support Director
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